The Last Quarter

October first. The first day of the last quarter. 

For me, a day of a little magic and light. A picture that was so easy to make that it came from someplace else. 

I think most artists know this. Our best and most easy to produce work isn’t ours. It comes from someplace else. We are mostly just a vessel. A portal. The work just comes. Comes from… the cosmos, a higher power, nature. 

Who knows?

Before you think that I’ve lost my mind, musicians say this all the time. Musicians like Dylan, Young, Jones have no idea where their best music comes from. One day they sit down and write two, three, fours songs. Quickly. Easily. All the songs are good. 

For sure, artists listen, watch, look, and see along day long.  Often, we just take it in and do nothing with it… until it’s ready. 

Think about that.

Oh, for sure. There are dry days. Days when I can’t see. Days when I think that I’m blind. Days when one picture after another fails. This can go on for a long time. Especially if I force it. For me, it’s better if I just empty my mind and just look without much thought. 

Oh yeah. The picture.  On the original Storyteller, which can be found at I talk a little about the technique used to make the picture.

Here goes.

I photograph a little everyday. Sometimes it’s just practice. Sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes I make pictures that I know will be used as a component of another image. That’s how this image started to be. I saw light for circles as it was filtered through a screen onto the dark background. On its own, it wasn’t much.

But, I knew. 

When I returned to the studio I developed that image along with whatever else I saw.  I immediately knew what archival picture would work with it. A golden and orange fall picture. It would be laid underneath the black circular picture. It took one take. No muss. No fuss. Done


See what I mean by coming from someplace else? 

Think it over. 

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