Another Version

It’s a struggle. 

It’s a struggle to figure out how to include my followers and friends from the Wordpress version of Storyteller. While I’d like to package everything here, on my website. The one that is I cannot for the life of me figure out how to automatically send emails from here. More research is needed.

In New Orleans, the weather finally turned a little cooler. More fall-like. When I say finally, I really mean that. The weather – we call it @NOLAHeat on Twitter – just would not cool down. As late as Monday, we were reaching record high temperatures. We were getting grumpy. By we, I mean me. That’s not quite true, but you get the point.

The picture. I saw the leaf and took it home, back to the studio. I photographed it very simply on a light table. That picture was elegant and clean. 

I wanted to do more.

I started tinkering and tinkering. I created about twenty versions of the image you see. Some were more colorful than others. I selected one version for Wordpress Storyteller and this one for here at

Even though my work is known for bright, punchy color, I tend to experiment on Storyteller. That’s why you are getting a toned down monochromatic picture. 

Stay tuned. 

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