A Very Challenging Move

It’s hard. Making necessary changes.  For me, it’s been a back and forth thing for months. I started out on one track. Stopped. Thought. Stopped again. It wasn’t until I read about Format’s business relationship with The Darkroom that I came to a decision. It appears that I tested this once in 2017. I didn’t see the benefit so I stopped. That’s why a portfolio of pictures is called, “Vision.” It was held on their servers. Apparently, forever. It worked for me, but I’m not so sure about that.


I really like Fromat’s customer service. They were helpful. They were honest. I’m sure that I’ll have more questions as this journey continues. I’m sure that they’ll be there for me, just as they were yesterday.

A quick word about me. I run a very vibrant blog on Wordpress called Storyteller. Imagine that. I have about 16,000 readers. That’s not much when you consider some of the big photo bloggers have hundreds of thousands of readers. But, I don’t talk about gear. I’m not very controversial. I talk mostly about photo philosophy. I’d like to say it was all mine. I’m a magpie. After 47 years of earning my living with pictures, I’ve collected a lot of thoughts from other photographers. Some,I know well. Some, have guided me. Some, I’ve read about. 

Around this place, my pictures will mostly be about New Orleans. I live here. How could they not be? Or, about a lot of broken down stuff. I’m in the middle of producing a bunch of books about just that topic for which I’ve just recently signed contracts with my publisher. And, a lot of nature-like pictures that my all-seeing dog leads me to on our walks. She’s a cocker spaniel. Her name is Sophie Rose. She’s also an extremely sweet and grateful rescue dog. Nature-like because I’m not a nature photographer by any means. But, my pictures are pretty. People seem to like them. 

That’s a start.

I post daily on the Wordpress version of Storyteller, www.laskowitzpictures.org. I’ll start with three time a  week here. Stay tuned. 

Using Format