Alternate Selects

I'm still testing this method of blogging. For now, Storyteller is mostly distributed by Wordpress. I hope to end that and distribute everything from here at Rather than just post a blog about nothing, I thought I'd talk about alternative selects from a large take.

Here we go.

The tenth anniversary of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina rolled around in 2015. Just about all of the world's media descended on New Orleans. Many of the stories were silly if not downright inaccurate. It wasn't intentional, but you have to live in a place for a long while to understand it. You just can't parachute into a place and think you know it. 

One of the biggest events was the coming together of the folks in the Lower 9th Ward which was pretty much wiped off the face of the earth when the levees broke. Everybody came out for it. I made a picture of Big Queen Cherise Harrison-Nelson speaking to a crowd of cameras. It is one of my signature pictures. It hangs in two permanent collections, The Jazz and Heritage Festival collections and Xavier University. 

I made this picture a few minutes later as she was trying to get away from the podium. It's also a pretty good picture. I didn't really see it during my original cull. I "discovered" it as I was building collections for this website from my archives. 

For me, my first instinct was correct. But, not always. Not usually. That's why I believe that you must give your picture time to breath. To marinate. To give yourself space from the emotions you felt while you were making the picture. 

This is a test. I have no idea who the blog is reaching. I know you'll see it on Facebook and Twitter. Is it reaching your mailboxes? Please let me know. Please feel free to comment.

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