A Long Experiment

A test. I think this will work. I think I can post via email, Facebook and Twitter from here. If not, there are a couple of of ways of linking everybody who follows Storyteller on Wordpress to Laskowitzpictures.com. You'll have to let me know what you see. 

Most of you have already seen this picture back in March on the day after St. Joseph's Night. 

St. Joseph's Night? 

For some reason, African Americans in New Orleans celebrate St. Joseph's Day with food and church events. Then, the Indians come out at night. It used to be very hard to find them as they walked through their neighborhoods.


Not so much. 

I can find them. Easily. 

Indians come out in a couple of very predictable locations. I chase them Uptown in Central City. I usually start in a place called Sportsman's Corner. Then, I move to Washington Avenue where the tribes approach either to prove who has the prettiest suits. Suits. Not costumes. It's a very special thing. 


Let's just see if this change works. 

Let me know. Please.